Sunday, May 11, 2008

To All The Mom's...

Out there who invest their lives in raising their kids... I salute you.

Who work and still manage to maintain a loving and nurturing home... I salute you.

Who stay home raising their children and making that their life's work... I salute you.

Who are there for their adult children when they are in need of a helping hand... I salute you.

Who spend their day's looking after, teaching and helping other's children... I salute you.

Who have adopted or fostered children in need... I salute you.

To My Mom--

Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for everything you put up with. Thank you for being there when I felt all alone. Thank you for giving me the room to become my own person... even when you didn't agree with who that person was. Thank you for everything.

I love you--


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Mommy's Nintendo said...

Thank you, NAMG! Happy Mothers' Day to you too!!