Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Wrap Up

Things have been crazy here. With all the hospital visits, holiday celebrations, a sick Shecky, and numerous other things keeping me away from my beloved Intarnets I've been very.... well... CRANKY the last day or so. (Aunt Flo's visit is also a factor... I'm SURE!)

Christmas was wonderful. Husband, J and my lil bro were all here with us. We had a great lunch and many gifts were opened. Husband and J spoiled the crap outta me. I got a 30" HD 1080i color TV and an XBox 360 from the two of them. Now... if only our craptastic Internet connection would allow me to log into Live... then my fun would be complete. (Oh I WILL beat yer ass at Uno J! Just you WAIT!!!! Bwah!)

Husband got Guitar Hero 3... which he finished in 2 days. Meh. Bastage! heh.

J got ... well... sleep pants for now. He'll soon be getting a complete set of Manga that he'll hopefully love and will HOPEFULLY last longer than Guitar Hero 3 did for Husband. (The Bastage!)

Shecky... Shecky got so much stuffs its UNREAL. He got a Pachinko machine, The Black Pearl play set, Transformers, and lots o other loot! heh

Unfortunately, Husband and J had to leave Christmas Afternoon but it was a lovely day regardless. :)

I have, foolishly more likely than not, signed up for Blog365. Starting January 1, 2008 I will be posting EVERY DAY. GodHelpMeAndAllHisOtherBloggingCreatures! We'll see how far I get! Heh. Join me... won't you?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Too Blessed To Be Stressed...

Ummm Not so much. 4:30am we were awakened by a call from my Nanny Deb. My grandmother lives with her. Grandma was having problems. Her blood pressure was 197/102 and her Oxygen level was only 85%. That's really high and really low for those that don't know. Nanny Deb wanted to take her to the ER. Grandma said she just wanted to be left alone to die. In the end, my cousin Jody convinced her to go to the ER by explaining that she wasn't DYING, per se, but that she'd likely have a stroke with her Blood Pressure being so high and wouldn't THAT just make the quality of her life SO much better? (GO JODY!!!)

She's been in the ER at the hospital since shortly after 7:00AM. We were told she'd been moved to the ICU... only... she's STILL in the fricking ER waiting on a bed to free up in ICU.

They've given her some nitre glycerin and her blood pressure is better. They're still admitting her though.

The kicker, my friends, is that today is the one year anniversary of my grandfather, her husband, passing away. Mom had planned to go to the cemetery and visit Grandpa. She didn't get to go. She felt like she needed to stay close to home in case they needed her for something.

As horrible as this is going to make me sound, I wonder how much of Grandma's health crisis today is due to it being the anniversary of his death. How much of it was her wanting to die because its the day he died and how much of it was her wanting the focus of today to be on her. (You would have to really know my grandmother to understand why I would even THINK this.) I feel like a really shitty person for wondering those things, but, I do wonder them.

Mom feels like she was robbed of the opportunity to reflect on her father's life and passing today. She feels like, this day, of all days, should have been about him. Yet, she's forced to put her focus elsewhere. I agree with her, but again, I have to wonder if it was horrible that it turned out the way it did. The focus of today became the living, not the dead. I'm not so sure that's such a horrible way to mark the passing of a man we all loved and miss.

Maybe, I'm just thinking too much....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Updates and Apologies


So, SO sorry I've been so absent post wise lately. Life has been completely crazy lately.


My grandmother is home and doing... ok. She's having a rough time and we're thinking some of her meds aren't properly managing some of the health issues but we're waiting and giving it a lil more time.

My Father In Law is now in the hospital. He had knee surgery replacement on both knees recently and he's thrown some clots into his lungs. He's recovering and will be on a cumin regimen for the next 6 or so months to make sure the problem doesn't recur.

Husband's Grandmother was taken to the ER today. She fell and scraped the hell out of her arm. The probably wouldn't have bothered with the ER except she started having dizzy spells and threw up something... well.. black. The Dr's didn't admit her but sent her home with medications for dizziness and nausea and instructions to see her regular physician.... WTF???

I spent today wrapping gifts. I'm DONE. Whew! I have ONE MORE gift to purchase. Bleh.

I have lost 7.2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I have lost a total of 62 lbs since mid July. I am 1.3 lbs from being below 400 lbs. Holy Hells!


Teachers and gift certificates for a restaurant ... your thoughts?

Cute Shecky Story:

My child now plays basketball. At the first practice, I observed him picking on a child on his team that has Down's Syndrome. Its not anything he wouldn't have done to pick on any other child but I lost it. I called him offa the court in the MIDDLE of practice. He walked off the court. The coach said, "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?" My child, bless his bones, replied, "MY MOMMAH HOLLERED FOR ME TO COME TO HER!" EVERYONE heard. EVERYONE laughed. I... wanted... to... die. lol. At least he's trained well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's Difference

Today... I made a difference by purchasing stuff for my son's 2nd grade classmates. I'm making goody bags for all... Candy, Christmas Pencils, Christmas Erasers, Christmas Straws and Christmas Ornaments for all! His classroom only has 15 kids. I made 30 bags. Enough for all the 2nd graders in the school. I also made goody bags for the kids that live in our neighborhood. I wrote out Christmas Cards for everyone that lives in our lil community. Doing my best to spread the Christmas Spirit to everyone I know! :)

It may not seem like much... but it shows those around you that you care. :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The One In Which I Admit I Fail At Life

Today I listened to my father rant at me about how dirty the house was. The floors were dirty and needed mopped. Everything was dusty. I left my shoes in a corner of the living room rather than on the back porch. Everything was wrong.

I've been doing what I can in Mom's absence. Cooking, picking up the house, dishes, keeping up with the laundry. It doesn't sound like much but you have to remember. I'm a 408 lb lady. That's a LOT for me. I can't mop yet. I can't move furniture and vacuum behind it yet. I can't do a LOT of things yet. I feel like I suck enough without him reinforcing my sucktitude ThankYouVeryMuch.

Due to his tirade lasting all morning I didn't eat until 11:30 today. My blood sugars crashed like mad. I was mid crash when I was trying to fix lunch for Shecky, Dad and I. I forgot Mom is storing things in the oven. I melted some plastic containers and bags containing candied fruit for our fruit cakes... that we had to order online... cause none of the stores in this God forsaken BFE SELL the damned red and green candied pineapple. There was red candied pineapple and ... well.. GOO all over the inside of the oven. I cleaned it up but not until after I ate... which... yanno... pissed him off all over again. To be fair I didn't tell him I was having a sugar crash but THAT was only because I didn't want him freaking out about that too. Meh.

I've been waiting for him to blow up all week. My nerves have been driving me nuts all week. I KNEW I couldn't keep the house clean enough to keep him in check but I tried. Unfortunately, I snacked a lot this week as a result of the Nervous Nellie's that I had. I caught myself doing it off and on all week. I tried to compensate for it the best I could by eating fewer points than normal on those days... but... I still didn't loose anything this week.

So... yeah... I fail at life this week. Good thing a new one is starting, eh?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Few Things and 25 Days To Make A Difference

I'd like to apologize to everyone for my posting being so sporadic and uninteresting lately. Things have been kind of... weird. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my grandfather's death and everyone is kind of struggling here. Add to that the fact that my grandmother was admitted to the hospital last Saturday... almost EXACTLY a year after my grandfather was admitted and you begin to see a bit of the chaos that's been my life lately.

Mom is in Clear Lake with Grandma. I am trying... and failing pretty miserably... to hold down the fort here. I've managed to keep up with the laundry, the dishes and keep the house generally picked up but ummm... its kinda taking everything I have to do it. It's certainly not clean to the standards my father expects.

My nerves... they are shot. My eating has been.... eh. I'm TRYING but I keep taking little nibbles of this and that without thinking. Once I realize what I've done I get pissed and strengthen my resolve.. then make the same mistake again later. Meh meh meh.

I've been making a difference the last few days to my family. Doing all the above has made it possible for my mother to be with HER mother while she's ill. I haven't really had the energy or creative capacity to do much more than that. Sorry Laura... I'm still with ya. One of my friends is participating but not blogging btw! (L... you need to POST woman!) She's doing all she can to make things better for others as well!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Project Hope: Making a Difference Dec. 5

The difference I made today...

In the last 24 hours I have donated 10,000 grains of rice through Free Rice! I have a decent vocabulary but I can't get past level 42!!! Dang it!

Brad Womack interviewed by Ellen Degenaris 2007

Heeeeeeeeyyyyy... someone gave him a chance to tell HIS side of things. Geesh! I still don't get the backlash over his "I Choose Me" moment!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Project Hope: Making a Difference Dec. 4

Today I'm making a difference and a pledge. I've been alerted to a site in which clicking on a button donates a free mammogram to someone that can't afford it. The entire site is great. It has tabs for hunger, breast cancer, children's health, literacy, rain forests and animal rescue. Please check it out. You'll notice a new button to the right. Clicking on it will take you directly to the page to click for free mammograms. Its two... little... clicks. I'll be clicking every day from now on. Please do the same. :)

Why Mommy is blogging her struggle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Please go check out what she has to say and give her a lil support. :) She's awesome and in a fight for her life.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Project Hope: And A Child Shall Lead Them...

Please check out this blog. What this young girl is trying to do is just inspiring! I'm going to try to follow her example and do something for the next 22 days!

December 3rd- I procured some toys for a family of children my son is friends with. Dad isn't working. They've just been evicted from their home. Its not going to be a very good Christmas for them. I've gotten them each 2 things for under their tree and we will get the items to them anonymously.

25 Days To Make A Difference