Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Red and Whiney and Dramatic All Over?

THAT, my friends, would be my 7 year old son, Shecky. Holy Hells! The boy made it home safely yesterday. In fact, he deemed it "The Best Day Of My Life!" However, he got one HECK of a sunburn.

This morning it was all winces, whines and wailing about how much it was STINGING! "Jesus Christ that stings!" was heard several times. After laughing privately in the bathroom, fussing at him for hollering "Jesus Christ!" and putting vinegar and vitamin E oil on his burn, the morning progressed normally.

He called his dad and was using the MOST pitiful voice in the HISTORY of pitiful voices. 5 minutes into the conversation I hear him say the following:

"Dad! Why aren't you asking me why I SOUND like THIS?"

I think I bit through my lip trying not to burst into spontaneous Mocking Mommy Laughter! Oh My Hells. That boy CAN bring the drama!


Kelly said...

"Dad! Why aren't you asking me why I SOUND like THIS?"


Greta said...

My little guy is also 7. I am so with you on the freaking outtitude.

Meanwhile...MY mother used to encourage a little sunburn to start off the summer. Gotta get a base ya know. ;)

Biddy said...

oh my gosh...i am laughing so hard right now! the people in my office are looking at me like i'm a hyena