Monday, March 26, 2007

Another Day, Another 1.4 LBS???? Come ON!

Well I weighed in today. I have a small problem with this. My WW meetings are at work. The scale they bring to these meetings at work will only weigh up to 440 lbs. I, as noted above, weigh slightly more than that. I have to go to one of the Weight Watcher centers and weigh there. Its not a HUGE deal but it is a big challenge. I don't drive. No, scratch that. If I'm going to be completely honest with you, I can't drive. I can't fit behind the steering wheel. I'm dependant on R. to get me where I need to go. R.'s schedule at work is insane. They have open ended shifts so they go from 7:30am until their job que is empty. EVERYONE'S job que. Lately he's been working late, until 10:00 pm a lot of the time. Hopefully that will be coming to an end soon but there is no guarantee. I do have someone else that would take me if they could but they don't get off work until well after the centers are closed.

I'm doubly frustrated tonight due to the small weight loss. I feel like I've done a good job following the program but apparently, not so much. I haven't been getting all my points in every day. Actually, most days. The lady that weighed me in said that's part of my problem. I get 44 points. 44 FREAKING points folks. Heh. NORMALLY, I could polish that off with a meal at IHOP or The Cheesecake Factory. I'm trying to make healthy food choices as well as watch the points. Doing that... 44 points is a WHOLE lot of food. I'm pissed. I'm frustrated. I'm NOT going to let this derail me. I have a bad habit of that. I refuse to fall into that trap again.

I've done a lot of thinking about what I have done the past few weeks and I think I've identified some problems and I have a plan to correct them.

1. I'm not eating enough points during the day.

Change Being Implemented: Eating a larger breakfast and trying to make healthy food choices that have more points.

2. I'm eating too many carbs and not enough protein.

Change Being Implemented: Adding Cheese, Beef Jerky "nuggets" and Turkey Peperoni to my foods and taking away the snack cakes and popcorn cakes.

3. Not getting in all 5 suggested fruits and veggies

Change Being Implemented: Eating more fruits and veggies. Keeping a larger variety of fruits handy.

4. Eating too may points in the evening.

Change Being Implemented: Eating a larger breakfast and lunch and a smaller dinner. Higher point but still healthy snacks. (It may SOUND like the same issue as number one but its actually not. Its from a completely different "thinking problem".)

I know I'm making progress. I can look at what I've been doing and see the things I need to work around. Notice where I can make changes and deciding what changes to make. I'm being realistic and trying to maintain my focus.

I want to leave you with a quote from a conversation from my son:

Shecky: Momma, why are you eating different food that me and Daddy now?
Me: I'm on a diet baby. I have to loose some of this weight?
Shecky: Why? You're just... you.

God Bless 'im! He's right. I just need to be more me, and less. :)


Rayburnbabe said...

Sounds like a good plan. Take one day at a time and focus. You will find yourself and success will find you!

Robin said...

Tessa, I know this probably sounds rediculous, but I want to share with you something that I found works for me...heh, as long as I stay focussed and keep up with it too. lol
Water. I won't bore you with the hows and they whys we've learned from previous dieting the obviously failed. BUT I have learned that as long as I make sure I keep my water with me, I'm less likely to snack when I shouldn't AND in time, it helps flush away those nasty cravings. Replace and old habit with a new healthier habit. It's that hand to mouth thing.
It gets better Tessa. I promise. Granted, my weight isn't perfect either, but I've at least managed to recognize when I'm going downhill and have been able to keep my weight from escalating any further. That is half the battle right there. I'm with you all the way girl! You'll make it. I'll make it...we'll make that healthy weight together!!