Saturday, March 31, 2007

Call the CDC!!!

Germ Warfare has begun! Yesterday, was a disaster. I went to work, clocked in, took a few phone calls, was REALLY bored and didn't wanna be there. Around ohhhh... Noon I got a phone call at the main switchboard. I was, of course, on one of the few calls I had taken for the day so they paged me over the intercom. Lovely. I knew it had to be the school and immediately said, out loud like a dip, "Well THIS can't be good..." The caller said, "What???" as I threw them on hold and called the switchboard. Sure enough, it was the school nurse calling. I finished up my call and had them transfer Nurse Judy to me. Shecky had gone to the nurse in the morning with a headache. She let him sleep for about an hour then sent him to lunch. After lunch he decided to hurl the contents of his stomach into a trash can... Twice. She assured me he wasn't running fever but I KNEW the daycare wouldn't want him there if he was impersonating "Chuck". NORMAL people would be able to handle this with aplomb. Me, I was like, CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! R. was an hour away from where I work (and hour and a half from the school) on an installation job. Since we only have one car and I can't drive it was on HIM to come get me and Shecky, take us home and possibly go BACK to the job he wasn't quite finished with. We were finally able to pick him up from the Nurse's office at 2pm. We stopped for some Gatorade, Saltines and Sprite and went home.

The poor kid was like a piece of overcooked pasta. He was limp. His legs were rubbery. He kept saying things like, "When I stand up I feel like my legs don't work" and "My eyes keep crying but I'm not sad." I kept trying to baby him. I offered my lap to him. Usually, when sick, he wants Mama and no one else. This time... not so much. He just wanted to lay in the oversize chair and stare at the TV. NOTHING makes me feel worse than being unable to make him feel better. NOTHING. Usually I can joke with him until he's happy or be goofy enough to take his mind off of feeling bad. Not this time. I felt his forehead and he was BURNING UP! I cursed the school nurse, called R. and requested a thermometer and Children's Ibuprofen be brought home when he headed this way. He finally, bless his heart, got home around 8:45pm. (His 8 hours were up at 4:15pm.) Temp was 100.7 and he was sleeping soundly on the chair curled up with Mei-Mei. We semi-woke him, gave him the medicine and took him to bed.

We watched a RIDICULOUSLY stoopid movie, American Pie: The Naked Mile. It was mindless and retarded and made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to wake my drugged child. I finally went to bed at 1:30am and... couldn't sleep. I had checked on Shecky before going to bed but the fever was bothering me. He was sleeping VERY deeply and, like a dork, I took that as a sign that the fever was effecting him much more than it actually was. I woke R up from a dead sleep and made him bring Shecky into bed with us. I was finally able to sleep but I woke periodically to poke The Boy and make sure he was still conscious and hadn't lapsed into a coma from his 100.7 fever. ::rolls eyes:: What an Amature! heh

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