Sunday, April 1, 2007

The CDC Can Stand Down...

The epidemic has been averted! Shecky is doing much better. His fever broke late yesterday and he's been a wicked crazy lil' ball of energy ever since. I know I haven't mentioned this yet but we have a roomate. We'll call him J. He's someone very close to me and now HE is sick. It seems to be just a cold though. No hurling of viscus fluids thus far. I keep chasing him around the appartment with a can of Lysol as he curses me. Heh!

The Weightloss Front has been a bit... dodgy this week. I'm still having a really hard time getting all my points in. Tonight I had only eaten 13 of my 44 points by dinner. I had to scarf 31 points tonight. Bleh. I feel overfull and bloaty. I have to admit though, I've been less focused this week. I've been hurting a LOT and with Shecky being sick the last couple of day's trying to make him feel better and keep his mind off how he feels has been a full time job and has taken most of my focus and energy. I KNOW I need to keep focused on my eating but I find it really difficult at times like this past week. I'm learning more and more things that irritate the condition causing the pain. (As I'm eating healthier some of the higher fiber items and things like nuts, sesame seeds, whole oats and grains are causing an increase in the pain.) I'm phasing them out but loosing the nuts hurts a lot. Cashews are 4 points per serving. They were a great protein boost as well as mostly healthy points boost but they just wreak havok on my system. If anyone has any suggestions on things I can do/eat to up my points intake I'd appreciate it greatly!

Tomorrow we do grocery shopping again. I'm going to get some Whipped Peanut Butter (if I can find it), White Wheat Bread, some All Fruit stuff (to take the place of Jelly) and some more fruit and veggies. I'm thinking some lunch meat as well. Mebbe sandwiches for lunch would be better than the 6 point frozen dinners. Not sure but we'll see.

I want to leave you with this joke that R. said to Shecky tonight at dinner:

R.: What does a duck say?
S.: Quack?

R.: What does a horse say?
S.: Neigh.

R.: What does a cow say?
S.: (Looking at his dad like he's bonkers) Moo

R.: What does a turtle say?
S.: (Looking at R. like he should be in a home for senile people) Nothing!


DAMN them for making another TMNT movie! Damn them to bad sci fi moviedom!


Mrs. Chicky said...

That All Fruit stuff is pretty good. At least I think so. I force my toddler to eat it while I hit the Welch's grape jelly. :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Go on then...

How did you meet your significant other and when did you know he/she was THE ONE?

How would you characterize the person you were in high school? In college?

Tell us about a time in your life when you felt ashamed.

If you could ask a genie to grant you three wishes, what would your wishes be? (Wishing for more wishes is not allowed.)

Do you contest that the National Park Ranger Uniform is the sexiest uniform there is and, if so, what uniform would, in your opinion, trump that of the Park Ranger?