Thursday, April 12, 2007

Temptation, Thy Name Is ==CAKE WALK==

Oh. Mah. GAH! I think my son's school is trying to kill me. (As time goes on, you'll notice I have a slight persecution complex. Heh. JUST BECAUSE I'M PARANOID DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE NOT OUT TO GET ME!!!! Bwah!)

Seriously though. I was at work today. Answering calls. Getting yelled at by random people that don't have a CLUE what their fricking benefits are. Getting attitude from people who get paid less than me... and people who make WAY more. You get the picture. A normal, average, day. I decided to quickly sneak a peek at my personal email. What do I find? An email from one of the PTO Board Members.

Let me backtrack a bit. I am on the PTO Board at Shecky's elementary school. I am SO not a typical PTO mom. I'm not well put together. I don't have limitless energy or time. I DO however manage to get stuff done in a pinch. I am the Coordinator for the Homeroom Parent program at our school. I'm in charge of all the Teacher Helpers basically. We plan the 2 parties a year that the kids get to have. We help the teachers with whatever they need. I am the Homeroom Parent for my son's class as well as being coordinator for the whole program. Yes. Clearly... I have lost my cotton pickin' MIND.

Anyway, as I was saying I got an email from the PTO Board member in charge of our end of the year Carnival for the kids. We didn't' have hardly any donations for the fricking Cake Walk. I, of course, go into overdrive. After work we rush to Wally-World. I STARTED to buy 10 chocolate chip cookies and wrap them individually. Heh. That'll learn 'em to send last minute requests. Then... the guilt crept in. What kind of mom AM I? I went to the baking isle and got 5 box mixes of 5 different kinds of brownie mix. Then I got 5 OTHER box mixes for other things like Reeses Peanut Butter Bars, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Cake, Volcano Cake, Peach Cobbler, and Cinnamon Bread. I have made half of this stuff thus far. My house smells HEAVENLY... and I'm in Hell. The temptation is SOOOOOOO strong.

Thankfully, I know its all going to the school for the Cake Walk. Temptation can bite me. What's that? Oh no you Di'n! The Dark Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix just hollered "Bake THIS Bizatch!" I gotta go beat some Brownie Ass!!!!

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kristi said...

Oh my! I do pretty good but when they are fresh out of the oven, WATCH OUT!!! I don't know how you did it.