Thursday, April 26, 2007

Whoo Hoo and Ummm... Ugh.

Today is starting out as a mixed bag. The good news is that my blood sugars were 139 this morning. Its a LITTLE high but its massively better than it has been in AGES. Even if I'm not seeing the weight loss I'd like WW is having a positive effect on my health! Whoo Hoo!!!

Food today, is a challenge. Last night I was having a LOT of pain so I didn't fix my food for the day today. I thought I'd just do it this morning. Well... THAT didn't happen. I was having some issues this morning and ran out of time. Here is my food for the day:


Whataburger's Breakfast On A Bun: 15 pts


Whataburger Garden Salad w/ Cheese and Low fat Ranch Dressing: 11 pts

(We interrupt this post to bring you a mini rant: LOW FAT RANCH DRESSING with 22g of fat?? WTF???? I almost had a stroke when I read that. I actually asked for FAT FREE but the brain trust working the window... well... like they said in Lethal Weapon "They F**k you at the drive through!" Meh)

Snack when I get home:

1 Apple (1 pt)


I have no clue. I need something that will suck up the better part of 17 points. This is my thought:

2 Potato, Chive and Cheese encrusted Talipia Fillet: 14 pts
1 Cup Asparagus
1 Cup Corn : 2 pts
1 Philly Swirl Pop: 1 pt

That would be all my points for today. Lets see how it works out now. Heh.

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Lauren said...

I've had many days like that.

mmmm now I want fast food. I haven't had any in four weeks, maybe I'll get tacos tomorrow after WI.