Monday, April 9, 2007

Snoooooooooooow on the water!

Woah. We had SNOW at my folks place in SE Texas Saturday. Snow! In TX! IN APRIL! Holy Pete. It was just beautiful. We looked out at the lake and Mom said "Its FOGGY on the lake! Wait... OMGTHATSNOTFOGITSSNOW!!!" A few minutes later there were these huge... CLUMPS of snow falling from the sky. The flakes were sticking together on the way down forming these ginormous flakes. There was no WAY you weren't gonna notice THAT snow! My dad grabbed my son and took him outside to catch flakes on his tongue. It was probably the single cutest thing I've ever seen my dad do. Next thing we know people are running down the street to do the same thing. It was so VERY awesome. (I know that word gets overused but this TRUELY qualifies.)

Aside from the Easter Egg Hunt that my son collected the most eggs of anyone at and won a prize for. (INCLUDING the big kids, he was SO proud.) Nevermind the scavenger hunt in the freezing cold. (Which he lost, horribly and was so very disappointed about. Ahhh the Manic Depression of a 6 year old who's competitive!) FORGET the fact that my brother and his family were there to share the holiday with us and that we so rarely manage to all be ANYWHERE at the same time. SNOW! Holy... Yeah. This is an Easter our family will never EVER forget. I hope you all had one just as grand!

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Oh, The Joys said...

What is WITH this cold weather in the south? I am so done.