Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A New Day, A New Way

It's me again Margaret... (Ray Stephen's shout out for those that don't get it) I'm back and I'm still working the program. I'm trying something a lil different this week. I was really REALLY bummed about the low weight loss last week. I've reworked the way I'm doing the program and we'll see if this works better for me. Instead of snacking on cheese cubes, turkey peperoni, crackers, and whatnot I'm bringing sandwiches to work with me. Today I have 2 turkey and cheese sandwiches on Whitewheat bread (5 pts a piece) and 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (1 Tbsp peanut butter 1 Tbsp jelly on Whitewheat as well for 4 pts a piece) I ate a yogurt before I left the house (2 pts) and brought 2 apples and 1 C of Gardetto's Snack Mix with me (1 point each for the apples and 6 pts for the C. of Gardetto's.) Eating all of this I will have used 28 points by the time I get home, leaving me 16 points for dinner and a snack tonight. Not TOO bad. MUCH better than I've been doing. The points are spread out more during the day and I'm not eating CONSTANTLY, though at times it still feels that way. So far I've had half the Gardetto's and 2 sandwiches (one of each type). I'll be eating an apple shortly.

Part of my downfall, I think, has been a lack of planning my meals. I'm HORRIBLE at that. I kinda fly by the seat of my pants more often than not when it comes to mealtime. I grab whatever is handy and easy and just go with it. I have to STOP doing that. I'm realizing that paying attention to my points intake isn't the only thing I have to do. I need to pay attention to the foods I'm eating as well. I've been trying to do that but I have to make it a priority. Knowing that the 13 points I'm about to inhale at Arby's prolly isn't my best food choice and doing it anyway isn't good enough. I have to MAKE the better food choice and plan my food throughout the day so that I don't necessarily HAVE the 13 points to spare on Arby's. A step toward that!!! Today at work they gave us lil plastic eggs fulla candy. I gave mine away without a 2nd thought. WOOT! Tonight is Fish (Salmon marinated in Teriyaki), Asparagus and prolly Carrots. I'm going to fix some chopped steak, mashed potato's and carrots for the family to gnash on.

**Edited to Add: Guh. I said all that and then.. boom... Someones birthday here at work. I spent 4 points on a piece of B-day cake that was 1/2" square. (Of course, had it been from ANYWHERE else but Anastasia's I wouldn't have done it.) It was a CONSCIOUS choice to have it though. I walked over to the cake and cut the piece myself. Got out my book and wrote my points in it. I don't feel BAD about the choice which is something new. I know it wasn't the healthiest choice but my GOD... it was worth it. Heh. Best Cake EVAR!

**Edited again: They are trying to kill me here at work. LOL... Management has supplies Frito Chilli Pie and Chilli Dogs for everyone. Imma not biting though. Smells WONDERFUL!


Robin said...

All that food girl.....
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Oh thank goodness...I feel better now. hee hee
Good luck hon. You're doing good! Keep it up.

Oh, The Joys said...

I have been doing ww since last june and have lost 45lb.


Oh, The Joys said...

p.s. Dirty Birdie e-mailed me a ww chili recipe that is 1 pt a cup. E=mail me if you want it.

Butrfly4404 said...

The office freebies are the WORST (or best, depending on how you look at it!). I was overjoyed when I turned down a doughnut last week and didn't get ridiculed for it!

I see the Turning Down thing as, like, points. The more points you have, the easier they are to get. So, today you got at least TWO points for turning down the candy and the chili dogs. But - there are WAY more that you know about, right? Like my constant arguement in my head over going to the vending machine...when I finally agree not to go, I win a point. THinking about stopping my the neighbor's candy dish, then deciding NOT to...another point.

It gets even easier! I"m happy for you. That's very inspiring that you are trying something new instead of giving up!!