Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Head Exploded Last Night...

I went to weigh in last night and thought my brains were going to leak out of my ears. I gained a little over 4 pounds. 4 POUNDS! What the hell? I followed the plan. I stuffed the points in until I thought I was going to fricking POP. I didn't cheat. I didn't fudge on my food diary and I GAINED 4 pounds. Can I cry now?

I'm so completely frustrated. I've tried to talk to the meeting leaders (Both at work and where I weigh) and all they really say is get in all your points. I've explained that I'm VERY inactive. I've explained that I have gastroparesis. I've explained that I truly feel I'm eating too many points for my level of activity and the complication of the gastroparesis. They just say "Make sure you eat all your allotted points. Oh! Make sure you get the 35 weekly allotment of extra points eaten too!" WTF? I'm sorry but that's RIDICULOUS! Its like they're programmed to push the plan and nothing else. Well... pardon my french but... Screw that. I'm dropping down to 34 points a day. Before they reworked the program and added points to every ones allotment 34 was the max number of points you could get. I've DONE the plan at that level. I was about 20lbs lighter then. It WORKED. So... MEH! Imma switch to that and see how it goes. I've got to do something. I'm starting to feel like its pointless and I can't allow myself to get into that mindset or it will NEVER work. Help!?!?


Butrfly4404 said...

Oh, Tessa, I know how you feel! I maintained for a LONG time...started working out and gained six pounds!! I'm slowly working my way back down now, but you just have to stick with it.

Two suggestions:
1) Talk to your doctor about the program and see what they say about eating more/less. You know your body better than anyone, but the WW people aren't doctors and can't tell you how to handle your gastro problem.
2) Try adding short walks into your day. This seems in theory like it's easy, but you have to make a concious effort to plan them and DO THEM and they will help BIG. Just schedule two ten minute walks, then when that gets easier, make them 20 minutes. You'll see a big difference...It will even give you more energy!

C said...

I think WW is great for teaching people how to eat and that the key to everything is the choices you make, but sometimes they are too rigid.

Eat until you feel full, then stop. Track your points so you know where are, but don't sweat it so much. To me, if you feel like you are cramming food in to reach a set number of points, then something isn't right. Learn to listen to your own body. It will be your best guide throughout this process.

(But don't listen when it tells you to eat a package of cookie dough. Then it's just a lying bastard.)

Tessa said...

Butterfly and C--

Once I settled down I came to the same conclusions. I have to say though... C... Its a lying bastard a LOT! lol

Oh, The Joys said...

Tessa - two things - 1.) a GIANT poop weighs four pounds. Seriously.
2.) (on a more serious note - I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER touched the 35 floating points. I just assume I suck at Math, hit my 20/day and only rarely dip into the 35.)

Also - I've never been to a ww meeting, though I count their effing points.