Friday, April 13, 2007

The Secret Word Is....

Meh! I often wonder if I will ever, EVER have a day off without someone being sick. Shecky has the runny booty today. He started out coughing last night. It has since... EVOLVED. Meh

Meh! I have 5 batches of brownies yet to bake. Meh.

Meh! I live in Houston, TX... and my Air Conditioner is broken! MEH!

Meh! I'm waiting till tonight, when its cooler out, to bake said brownies. Meh!

Meh! Apparently the runny butt issue is ... contagious. Meh.

Meh! We're having pizza anyway. Meh.

Meh! R just left for his weekend reserve duty for the month and Shecky is pouting. Meh.

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