Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FINALLY... A 'Lil Progress!

Hey everyone. I want to apologize about the randomness of my posts. This week has been kinda of ... odd on the weight loss front. I did cut my points down as I said I was going to... for the most part. I've been stressing so much over the points, The Points, THE POINTS, that I lost some of my drive and my resolve. I ate carefully this week. I took note of everything I put in my mouth. I did NOT however, count the points. (Sorry Mom. I was determined to do this my way this week so I kept my mouth shut about how I was doing it.) I lost 5 pounds this week. While I do realize that at least 4 lbs of it was water weight (the 4 lbs I gained last week "Oh! Hello Aunt Flo!" Meh) I maintained at the very least. Tomorrow, I start counting points again. 34 a day, every day. I'm going to try not to tap into the 35 "Weekly Points" if I can avoid it. We'll see what happens next week.

Tomorrow's Menu:


1 egg (2 points)
1 package instant grits (2points)
1 piece of 2% cheese (1 point)
1 Fat Free Yogurt (2) points
7 points for breakfast


1 Turkey and Cheese Sandwich (5 points)
1 apple (1 points)
1 Tbsp Peanut butter (2 points)
1/2 cup Gardetto's Snack Mix (3 points)
11 points for lunch


2 Potato, Chive and Cheese encrusted Talipia Fish Fillet (12 points)
Asparagus (Free)
Carrots (1 pt)
13 points


1 Apple (1 point)
1 Fat Free Yogurt (2 points)
Total Points for the day: 34