Friday, July 27, 2007

BlogHer, SchmogHer

SOME of us, the unworthy and broke, in the blogging community are still out here. Its errily quiet in the blogverse the past couple of days. I thought, "Hey! Why not make some NOISE!?!?!?!?!?"

So... here I am... bein... well... Noisy! lol I'm going to be a little Nosey too! I want to know something about you people lurking in the shadows. Reading our words and seeing our vulnerabilites is POWER my friends. Give a lil power back? Where ya from? What ya do? Why do you or don't you blog? If you DO blog, what do you blog about? What's the site address? Use me! Abuse me! Advertise on mah comments section. LET US MAKE SOME FRICKING BLOGGARIFFIC NOISE!!!!!!!

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