Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Amazing KLUTZO!!!!!

I... am a YOOGE... KLUTZ! Today, during my morning "Swim", Mom of NotAMeanGirl was cautioning me NOT TO STEP IN A HOLE IN THE SAND. That would be REALLY bad as it would cause me to fall and potentially break part of my body that I've grown quite fond of over the years. My reply to her? "I'm FINE!!!"

I then proceeded to find the dreaded low spot in the sand with my Amazing Hole Finding Foot and fell face first into the water. I twisted my ankle and wrenched my knee trying to keep from falling. (I SAID I was a Klutz!)

However, said accident did NOT stop me from partaking of a 75 minute long session in the water this afternoon. It hurt like HELL every time I flexed my foot but I felt GOOD because I hadn't let it stop me.

Tomorrow is our "official" weigh in! Anyone wanna make a bet on how much I've lost my first week?

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