Sunday, July 15, 2007

Everything Old is New Again...

This has been a wonderfully weird arsed week. I got an email from MySpace... and yes... I have a MySpace Page... bite me... that someone named "Prom Date" had sent me a message. Now, seeing the full first name of Prom Date I thought to myself, "Who the Hell is THIS?" (I get a lot of spam messages and friend requests from the Almighty MySpace) I read the message and it was from Prom Date!!!! Now, my Senior Prom was a long, LONG time ago *cough21yearsagocough* but my date was my very best friend and someone I loved with all my heart. I was completely stoked to have heard from him! We are now communicating through MySpace pretty much daily and I've now "met" his wife online and am looking forward to getting to know the woman that impressed him enough to take the plunge!

On the same theme, with a twist, I'm going to be living with my parents for the next year or so. R and J and I and my folks have all been talking and NONE of us really want me to have the gastric bypass. It scares us all witless as I don't heal minor injuries well much less something that invasive. Sheky and I are going to live here. I'm going to continue past the two months I have on medical leave from work and try to loose the weight by exercising in the water and dieting. With Mom as my nutritionist (She's lost well over 100 lbs herself) and Dad as my D.I. HOW can I loose? errr... Not Loose??? Oh, you know what I mean! R and J will visit as much as they can on weekends so I don't feel cut off from human kind living out here in the sticks (heh) and Sheky gets his wish to live at the lake. Should be interesting, no?

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I cheated and weighed Thursday and I was a bit annoyed. I had gained 3 lbs. However my clothes are DEFINITELY fitting differently. I think the weight gain is probably a combination of building muscle (My back and legs are supporting me MUCH better now thank God) and the water retention from the impending Aunt Flo visitation. Goody, eh?

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