Monday, July 30, 2007

As The Diet Turns....

Well... Another day another dieting mishap. As you know last week we experimented with the Points plan for Weight Watchers. I gained, yes... GAINED 1.8 lbs. So did Mom. I would say the experiment was a failure. We went back on the Core program today. I know points works for a LOT of people but it just doesn't for me. I was eating more and eating more JUNK. Empty points. The Core program MAKES me eat in a more healthy way. No processed foods. No Junk. I eat more fruit and veggies on Core.

I was really disheartened this morning after weigh in. I was angry, frustrated and just plain WTF PISSED! I know 1.8 sounds like nothing but here I am, busting my butt to make this work and I posted a GAIN for last week. Oh HELL to the NAW! Not happening again if I can help it! I've subsequently pulled my head out of my ass, gotten past the anger, frustration and OH NO YOU DI'N pissyness and am working toward a loss for this week.

I miss my son, I miss my dog, I miss my life... in the end though all these misses will equal a huge win for all of us.

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