Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Weekend Musings

This past weekend was SO much fun. We went to my folks place. They live on a lake and the Memorial Weekend is always a party there. The community they live in was founded on Memorial Day, way back in the day, and as a result its a weekend of fun. We played Bingo, participated in a cake walk. Shecky swam and rode his 4-wheeler and made a new friend. I came in 3rd in a Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament. Let me tell you, THAT was a kick! Mom ran the tournament and did a GREAT job. She even had to get onto one of the participants who was giving her a hard time about what time the blinds were supposed to go up. (Hi Dad! Heh) Dad and I both participated. He's a poker fiend! He has a regular weekly game that he plays. They're all sharp players. Most, if not all, of them participated in the tournament as well. I was so STOKED that I came in 3rd. I had to re-buy twice but STILL! I only made 2 really awful mistakes. One was more embarrassing than the other but BOTH cost me dearly and are what resulted in my 3rd place finish.

My grandmother and aunt were there too. It was really nice to see Grandma out there. I think she enjoyed herself even if she WAS convinced snakes were going to hide in her bed and get her. (She's not so much of the nature lover heh.) My aunt, who basically takes care of my grandmother, got a chance to relax a bit and have some fun herself. It was a great weekend all around!

Now, its back to the grind. Bleh. Back to work, back to school for Shecky, though for HIM its only until noonish tomorrow. Then he's free for the summer. We'll be going back to the lake this weekend to drop him off for some intensive time with the grandparents and his beloved 4-wheeler. Heh. Kids are so lucky... and they have no CLUE!

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