Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh! The DRAMA!!!

Shecky is... a Drama... KING! I swear to you people he is going to be an Ack-TOR when he grows up. He flipped his 4-wheeler over the weekend. He and another little boy were riding together and they hit a horrible rut with a tree stump sticking out of it and ... well.. . FLIP! Fortunately for the boys, one of my parent's friends saw the accident and helped them. The other little boy, here on out to be known as Sparky, had his leg pinned under the 4-wheeler. He was unhurt, thank goodness. Shecky got no more than a 'lil road rash on his leg. He was also COVERED in sand. The gentleman that saw the event said he almost couldn't tell where the road (sand/dirt road mind you) ended and Shecky began. The 'lil stinker snuck into the house, snuck upstairs and gave himself a bath. He then found us at the Poker Tournament and told Grandma what happened. I, being completely taken over by POKER! $200.00 Big Blinds! and Reading the other players tells!, didn't know he was there at first. Then I looked around and saw him, red rimmed eyes and looking very upset. I started to get up and Mom motioned for me to stay put. It almost KILLED me not to go to him but she felt like it was something he needed to deal with by himself! He's only 6!!! He's still a BABY! Isn't he?

Fast Forward to Monday night. We were back home. His injury hadn't slowed him down AT ALL for the remainder of the visit to the lake. He had been in bed for a little while when he got up and came into the living room. His face was VERY serious and he was all wide eyes and a grim face. I asked what he was doing out of bed and had the following conversation:

Shecky: "Momma, it looks like its NEVER going to heal. Its going to be like this forEVER!"
Me: Shecky, honey, it WILL heal it will just take a week or so.
Shecky: REALLY?
Me: Yes, Really! Now, GET. BACK. IN. BED!
::Shecky limps S-L-O-W-L-Y in the general direction of his room::
Me: STOP LIMPING! You haven't limped since the accident! Your leg is FINE!
::Shecky slowly turns to face me with sad eyes and a poorly concealed grin:: Yes Ma'am.

Oh.. Mah... GAH! That kid. So... today I was emailing with his teacher and I told her that if he starts limping to just IGNORE it and explained the events of the weekend. This was her reply:

"Yesterday he wanted us to call the ambulance because his leg hurt so much - but I said I would just call you first and he said never mind. I know him pretty well! When he is hurt YOU TRULY KNOW IT."

HAH! She so busted him! I love this woman. She's been amazing with Shecky all year. Hopefully all of your Drama Kings and Queens have had wonderful teachers this year as well. I've written a letter of Compliment to the District Superintendent and the school's principal about my experiences with her this year. Hopefully it will make them realize what they have in her. :) If you appreciated your child's teacher(s) do the same, eh?

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