Thursday, May 3, 2007

Health... Stuffs

I went to the doctor today as planned. It was a new doctor that I'd never seen for my chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, gastroparesis blah blah blah). She read my chart and was prepared, which was a nice surprise. She was very frank about my size. I actually APPRECIATED that more than she'll know. Most doctors I've been to try to act like its not an issue. HELLO! I have mirrors in my house. Not really any way to escape the fact that I'm YOOGE. :rolls eyes:

Anyway, we talked about the increase in pain and the stomach issues in depth. She's fairly sure its not anything super serious and that adding another medication to my regimen will alleviate the "waste elimination" problem. The SAME medication is also used to treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes. You may ask WHY I wasn't put on this medication previously. Well, I was, actually. I took it for 3 years at the maximum dose and had a lot of problems with it. I had the runs for 3 years. SOOOOOOOO not pleasant. This, however, is the reason she wants to put me back on it. Irony, I am your bitch.

I've taken the new medication twice today, as prescribed, and I'm actually feeling quite a bit better. The bloaty feeling and the pain are almost gone and the "waste elimination" issue is better thus far. I have to go see the doctor again in 3 weeks. She's hoping this medication will help the PCOS and kick start my weight loss as well.

We also discussed my lack of success with WW and the dreaded 44 points. She was SHOCKED that they (WW) keep insisting that I eat that many points. She wants me to drop down to 34 points a day and see how that works over the next 3 weeks.

She has forbidden me to exercise unless its in a pool or some other large body of water. I may have to join the gym for this and since money doesn't grow on trees (And we're about to move from one apartment complex to another which is NOT an inexpensive proposition) it may have to wait a lil while before I can afford the gym.

3 weeks, 21 days, seems to be the magic number here. I'm pinning a lot of hopes on this medication doing what she thinks its going to. If it doesn't I have a lot of research and thinking to do. The doctor is afraid that if the Metformin doesn't do it's thing, along with the reduced points intake, that my only hope for loosing weight will be a gastric bypass. Not because I don't have the willpower to make WW work, but because my lack of physical activity is preventing the weight loss and without loosing weight increasing my physical activity is virtually impossible. I think all the going in circles just made me dizzy... whew.

Yeah... I'm freaking out a bit. I really do NOT want that surgery. I've been fighting against it for a long time when any number of people have suggested it as an alternative for me. The potential for death with this surgery scares the crap out of me. However, I'm beginning to fear that the potential for that being my outcome WITHOUT the surgery is starting to overtake the odds of it WITH the surgery. I'm just gonna go curl up in the corner for a while and quietly have a nervous break down....

UPDATE: My health insurance won't cover the gastric bypass. Lovely, yes? ::groan::


Oh, The Joys said...

The points have really worked for me. The key (for me) was to go for LOW POINTS / HIGH VOLUME & HIGH FIBER. So I'll eat a whole effing bag of baby carrots if I have to to be / feel FULL, but not go over the points.

(Fiber One cereal - followed by lots of water - warm water even better.)

Can you say, "Puffer fish?"

Oh, The Joys said...

p.s. "YOOGE" is a most excellent and funny word.