Thursday, March 27, 2008

Abject Terror...

What a way to start the day!

Have you ever had a moment of complete, untainted fear that brings a clarity the likes of which you experience only a few times in a lifetime? Yeah... I started my day with one today.

J called this morning when he got home from work. One of the people he works with is apparently, ummm... unstable. Mentally.

Night before last this guy went OFF on the lady that sits behind him. When I say went off I mean threatened to "Take her out" among other things.

Last night the dude was suspended for his behavior. No big... happens all the time, right? Well apparently Senior Psychopath came BACK to the workplace later in the evening ... with a gun.

This was all relayed to me WITHOUT one small piece of information. It occurred about 15 minutes before J arrived at work. Mr. Crazy McCrazypants was in a cop car when J arrived. There were still 4-5 police vehicles there at the time.

Needless to say, without that small piece of information my heart fucking STOPPED. I was hit with terror the likes of which I've only felt when my child or someone else I love is in danger.

Then it hit me... dude... J is FAMILY. Not by blood or genetics but by choice, by shared experiences and love.

J... I do love you, truly. However, if you EVER tell me a story like that without all the pertinent information up front, I'll kick yer ass myself. Heh.

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Angel said...

Holy mother of God!!! Has your heart started again?

Thankfully this had a peaceful ending unlike so many other situations.