Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Mom


I know your birthday was a train wreck. I am so, so sorry that you had to bury your own mother on a day that should have been a celebration for you. Next year? Next year we are SO gonna party for your 64th!!!

You killed a small part of me today when you said, "I saw my mom for the first time on my birthday... and I saw her for the last time on my birthday, too. Talk about full circle..." Gah! I wish I could make all this easier for you. It's simple enough to put aside my pain to fix yours. Unfortunately, I know nothing I say or do is going to make it any better.

I love you Mom. Happy Birthday.


liv said...

That's so hard. Your mother, even in her pain, sounds so wise. She really made a journey with her mother.


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Biddy said...

uh yeah, i'm crying now...

happy belated birthday, notameangirl's mommy!