Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Official...

My body hates me. I ate well this week. I worked hard eating the things I should... avoiding the things I shouldn't... and I GAINED just under 4 lbs.

I decided I'm not going to get all bent outta shape. I decided I'm not going to get upset or angry. Something similar happened after I went on vacation for the New Year. I lost on vacation. Then gained the next week. I don't really get it. However, it seems to be a pattern with my body. So... feh. Next week I'll loose. If PMS doesn't kick my ass and make me retain enough water to flood the lake... *cough*

Yeah... I decided all that but ummmm... it's not working. I'm pissed. I'm annoyed. I'm disheartened. Imma go cry now. Then... eat pizza. *cough*

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