Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again...

Things are finally starting to settle into routine for us again. Shecky is back in school. I got his progress report and he's making all A's and B's again. Baseball practice has begun. Apparently, he's a left handed batter... he does everything ELSE with his right hang... Huh? Opening day for Baseball is Saturday and he
has a double header. God help us all. May it be quick and injury free.

I'm back to exercising and dieting regularly. I actually managed to LOOSE a pound over the last 3 weeks. During all the turmoil and ... well intentioned food... I managed to still loose. WOOT! I'm down 70 lbs now. I've lost 2 shirt sizes. My ass seems to be the same size though. Basta'd.

I promise I'm back now with regular posts. Hopefully more interesting than THIS one. Heh.

Things I ate today:


Fresh Fruit Salad


A roasted chicken and cheese sandwich with 2% cheese, Fat Free Mayo and Honey Mustard.

Light Lays Potato Chips. (Less than an oz. Just enough to give my sammy some crunch.)


BBQ hamburger made with lean ground meat and light bbq sauce. 2% cheese, FF Mayo and regular mustard.

Oven Fries

Skim Milk

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