Monday, March 31, 2008


Mommy's Ninetndo over at The Itsy Bitsy Monkey tagged me for a MeMe. Seeing as how I'm bored with my own stories these days I thought I'd participate. :) Here goes:

Four films I’d watch again: 1. Gone With The Wind 2. Serenity 3. Game Day
4. State Fair

Four places I’ve lived: 1.New Brunswick, NJ 2. Houston, TX 3. Abilene, TX
4. Monroeville, PA

Four TV shows I watch: 1. American Idol 2. Criminal Minds 3. House 4. Top Chef/Project Runway (Whichever is on)

Four things to eat: 1. Shrimp or Chicken Stew (Made by my Mom) 2. Biscuits and Gravy 3. Sky High Fudge Brownie Cake 4. Mom's Carrot Cake

Four Places I’d Rather Be: 1. Home 2. Home 3. Home 4. Home

Four People I'm Taggin': 1. Tammy over at The Color of Home 2. Jen over at at one plus two 3. Mama Moosh over at Moosh in Indy and 4. Jennifer over at Thursday Drive I love alla 'em!


moosh in indy. said...

I must have a big Meme bullseye on my forehead today. I'm smooshing yours with the other two I got today.
Because I'm a big fat procrastinator.

brneyedgal967 said...

Thanks for tagging me! I had actually been hoping for a tag because sometimes... I sit here bewildered at what the hell I'm going to post about. LOL

Oh - and you had me at "2. Biscuits and Grave" - dear Lord, they better have those in heaven.