Monday, November 5, 2007

Bra-Va! Bra-Va!!!

WHOOO HOOO. Two non-scale victories and one food discovery for y'all today.

First- I CAN WEAR MY BRA! Yeah I know. Random and bizarre but I was SO freakin' excited. When I first started THE PLAN my bra was so tight that it rolled up on me, caused a huge red mark all the way around my body and gave me a large amount of pain. It was decided that since I was living in the woods I should hide the sucker and go without for a while. 50 pounds later... I put it on this morning and IT FIT! LIKE IT SHOULD! It din' even do THAT when I bought the sucker! Whooo Hooo!!! *sorry for the overshare but I am just so thrilled its unreal lol*

Next-- I am a Type II Diabetic that takes several oral meds and a shot of Lantus daily. With all the weight I've lost... I've been crashing like a blind teenager with a drivers license. (Shiver in Fear!!!!) I called my Dr. today and she decreased one of my meds. My insulin and one of my oral meds were decreased a month ago and now another one is being cut in half! ::bounces in chair:: ITS WORKING!!!

Finally, for anyone that loves the Salty-Sweet like I do... Chex Snack Mix in the Turtle Flavor is just.... DIVINE. Its 3 points for 2/3 of a cup and so totally worth it when you have the munchies.

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zdoodlebub said...

congrats - lots of good news from you lately which is pure awesome.

Thanks for the tip on the snack - LOVE the salty-sweet!