Thursday, November 1, 2007

NaBloPoMo and Other Stuffs

National Blog Posting Month... or whatever. I din sign up on the sign up page but I'm going to attempt to post daily anyway. :)

Today is just a stream of consciousness day...

I REALLY wish that damn dog would stop barking.... sigh

Thursday nights are "Mom and Boy Night". We curl up on the bed and watch Survivor and CSI: Original Flavor (STOOPID DOG NEEDS TO SHADDUP). Shecky really looks forward to it and so do I. (My father is now aggravating the dog by knocking on everything... ZOMG MUST HURT HIM) Thursday night seems to be the night he sleeps the best, as well. I dunno if its the extended bedtime making him more tired or that he's just more relaxed and "loose" after 2 hours of TV and snuggle time with teh Mommah! (My mother is doing the "books" and keeps repeating "9 is September" and "10 is October" ... OUT LOUD... Lol... even Shecky knows THAT without repetition Ma!)

Do YOU have time scheduled for your kids? Do they have special night of the week with you where they just get to chill? Do they look forward to it or do you have to seem to force them to do the "Family Thing"? (WTF... Dad lost his shirt... literally... how much talent does THAT take?)

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