Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mmmmmm Fall

Today has been a really nice day thus far. I was up till 3am.. ish. Which sucked. Husband was driving to Fort Worth for his monthly USAF Reserve duty. The traffic, due to the start of hunting season which... yanno... I TOTALLY DON'T GET!, was HORRENDOUS. It was bumper to bumper going out of town. Husband decided to go home and sleep for a couple of hours and head out around 9pm. Great idea except since he was driving so late I din sleep. I never do when someone I care about is traveling. I called him every thirty minutes to an hour to make sure he was still awake and not yanno... laying on the road somewhere after smashing into an 18 wheeler ... cough... (And I wonder where Shecky's imagination comes from heh).

I slept till almost 10am. Holy crap. That's unusual. I feel really great today because I actually got some sleep! I got up and Shecky and I made Caramel apples together. That was actually REALLY fun. The kiddo was drooling over them... hehehe... I made him wait till after lunch to have one. Evil Mama that I am.

Now I'm just kinda... chillin. Surfing the web, gonna read a bit, having just a lazy kinda day.

Weight loss wise its going pretty well. I was kinda bad at 2am. I had a donut. I wanted the sugar to help keep me awake. I counted the 5 points as my breakfast. Heh. Whut? It was after midnight and EVERYONE knows your points start over at midnight!!!!

For lunch I had 6 oz turkey sausage in a tomato sauce and onion gravy with 1 cup of rice. I've had a total of 16 points. Tonight for dinner it'll be Meatball Stew (ZOMG do I LOVE that crap! My Mom is the bestest cook EVAH!) with Cous Cous and some sort of veggies. I need to eat some yogurt and fruit today as well. I'm not feeling terribly organized food-wise today. Heh. Its kinda nice really.

Hope you're all having a great Saturday as well!


zdoodlebub said...

I also don't get the whole hunting season mania.

Glad you had a good day!

Katie said...

Mmmmm...caramel apples! Those are the best. I slept in also this weekend and it felt divine :)