Friday, April 11, 2008

High School Heartbreak or How NAMG Lost Her Love Cherry

Ahhh yes. Senior Prom. What a wonderful, fun and friend filled... terrifying night.

I did not attend my Junior Prom. I was a bit of a choir/theater geek, and, even then I had a weight problem. I wasn't popular but I got along with everyone. I was that boring kid in your class who was really nice, really naive and really artsy.

I wanted, DESPERATELY, to go to my Senior Prom. No one asked me. I wasn't devastated but damned if I was going to miss out on that particular High School event completely. I asked my best friend and first love to be my date. He said yes.

Now, you have to realize, he had no CLUE he was my first love. We were best friends and I was too shy to let him know my heart was so completely filled with him. My parents, God help me, were CONVINCED he was gay. Being an artsy fartsy girl my gaydar was much better than theirs and I knew he wasn't. Heh.

Anyway, Mom took me shopping for my dress. It was this burgundy and cream lace Scarlett O'Hara type dress. I. HAD. TO. HAVE. THIS. DRESS. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire at a theater I had loaned it to as a costume for a particular show.

Mom and Dad, ever game to try and make my High School experience all I wished it to be, agreed to host an after party. I could invite 6 couples. Mom would make us a midnight breakfast buffet, Dad would supply the booze and play bartender and we could stay up all night watching movies or playing spin the bottle. (We did both.) My parents contacted the parents of all the other kids telling them they were going to allow us to drink and that everyone would have to hand their car keys over when they arrived at the house. No one would be permitted to leave until the next day when Dad determined they were sober and able to drive. All the parents agreed to this plan and thought it was great that it would be a supervised gathering, yet, filled with all the usual antics of a Prom After Party.

Prom Night arrived. All those that were coming to the after party at my house met up at one of the nicer restaurants in town. We had dinner together and it was a terrific start to the most magical night of our lives. Unfortunately, that didn't last long.

Apparently First Love developed feelings for one of my best friends during the time between asking him to be my date and the actual event. She was HIS First Love. He spent most of the night dancing with her. I was just... devastated. I spent more time in the bathroom crying than I did anywhere else that night. (As an aside, while in the bathroom crying another girl came in wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS as me. Down to the color combinations. God, made me cry even harder!) He did save the last dance of the night for me. We danced to the "Prom Song" and headed to my house. Mom had a HUGE breakfast ready for us when we walked in. She was making SURE we had something in us to soak up the booze. Dad had a fully stocked bar and a stack of video's we had requested. My First Love? Well, he proceeded to spend all evening giving his attentions to my friend. I wish I could say that because she knew how I felt about him she refrained from returning the attention, but, no. That wasn't the case.

It was a hugely emotionally scarring night. My heart got broken. My feelings were hurt. I hated one of my best friends by the night's end. I wouldn't have missed it for all the world...


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Oh, The Joys said...

What became of the two of them?

NotAMeanGirl said...

She broke his heart shortly after. I, being his best friend, helped him pick up the pieces. He and I are still friends today. She and I aren't.

Anonymous said...

Did he at least get you a wrist corsage?