Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok... So...

I came up with a new plan that I put into action yesterday.

I ate a total of 800 calories yesterday. I'm going to continue on 800 calories a day for a week and see if I can't shock my metabolism into working.

I ate:

1 Container of Light Yoplait Yogurt (100 Calories)
8 Cubes pre-cut Colby Jack Cheese (110 Calories)
1 Cup Fruit Salad (120 Calories)
1 Pkg. Light Peanut Butter Cracker(160 Calories)
4 Oz Chicken Breast (172 Calories)
5 Oz Boiled Russet Potato (110 Calories)
1/2 Cup Cooked Baby Carrots (27 Calories)
Total Daily Calories: 799
Total Daily Points: 18

I was hungry when I went to bed but not STARVING. My activity level yesterday was LOW because I was having a lot of colon pain. It was the 3rd day in a row. Thank GOD it stopped late last night and today I'm doing better.

I exercised in the pool this morning for an hour from 8am to 9am. I'm about to eat something and then go clean the upstairs. Hopefully this is going to kick start my body into a loosing cycle again. Keep your fingers, toes and anything else you can cross... crossed!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS for coming up with a new plan and renewed energy to kick ass in your goal!
Stay focused on the goal, believe in yourself, it's going to be hard, but you absolutely can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I hope you'll return!