Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cooking Mama!

I LOVE to cook. I know, I've mentioned that before... However there's more to the story.

I love to cook, but, I HATE my kitchen. It's tiny. I'm not. 'Nuff Said.

Even if I WAS tiny... it's not possible to have both the dishwasher and the pantry open at the same time. It's TINY.

It also has a "soft spot" on the floor. It's right in front of the sink. Because this kitchen is so small that means its ALSO directly in front of the stove/oven. Now, when I say its a "soft spot" I mean the sucker flexes.. a lot. We are in a 2nd floor apartment.

Now, when you factor in my size, the weak floor and the fact that I'm on the 2nd floor... I HATE MY KITCHEN.

We've called the office here twice. The first time they said it was just a problem with the way the linoleum had been laid. They had someone come in and re-do it. Yeah... not the problem. The second time we contacted them about it, well, basically they shrugged and threw their hands in the air.

Sigh. If you hear a really loud crashing noise coming from the direction of Houston don't worry... its just me... cooking.


Anonymous said...

Hi, don't get hurt cooking. I am not fond of cooking, but a small kitchen for someone who is must suck. See ya on plurk.

zdoodlebub said...

It's not funny, but sorry, after the way you described it, it is funny.