Friday, June 27, 2008

Paying My Dues

Many of you know, I spent the last year living with my parents. They have paid for virtually EVERYTHING for Shecky and I as far as utilities and food go. I have managed, with my savings, to pay for my medications, Dr visits and Shecky's activities/expenses for school.

Today, since I was back in Houston for a bit, I thought I'd do some real grocery shopping for the house. HOLY HELL! I spent $250.00 at Wallyworld for a week or so's worth of groceries and a few extras. (Like a coffee pot, coffee, filters...)

I was HORRIFIED at the cost of groceries. It made me stop and think how much money my parents have invested in my getting healthy. How much they want me to succeed at this long assed endeavor I've been on.

I just want to say one thing...

Thanks for your support Mom and Dad. It means more than you'll ever know.


Devyl Gyrl said...

What amazing parents you have. That is a beautiful testament to them, and to the love within your family.


Kirsten said...

Your parents sound amazing. I know that with Nate going through his demons like he has in the last couple of years, money has been tighter than tight.

Moving up here to Alaska, where everything is so much more expensive than it is down in the lower 48... makes me so much more grateful that he is healthy now... because I could never do it up here if he wasn't.

My parents have bailed us out a couple of times, and I hope they know how awesome they are....

zdoodlebub said...

It's always nice to know (speaking for myself here) that no matter how imperfect I am and how imperfect my parents are, that there is someone out there I know I can count on no matter what.

Are you enjoying your time in Houston?