Monday, June 9, 2008

So... I was supposed to find out my ultrasound results Friday afternoon. They hadn't been "scanned in" yet. I had to call back this afternoon and try again. I called at 2:30 pm and got voice mail. I left a message asking for a return call with the resutls and...


I never heard back from them.


I'll call again in the morning.

I'm trying to not to call the surgeon until I have the results but... screw it. I'm calling him tomorrow too. I need this stuff to get RESOLVED.

Aunt Flo made her appearance today and I'm feeling like ass.

I apologize if I am doing a lot of whining lately. I just don't have it in my to be all happy, happy, joy, joy.

ow are YOU guys doing?


zdoodlebub said...

You don't have to be happy happy joy joy. We love you. Good luck with the dildos. ahem. I mean doctors.

Greta said...

No news is good news in this situtation yes?