Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have lived in Houston for 5 years. (This year does TOO count! :P ) I have NEVER driven in Houston. NEVER.

Until, tonight. I drove myself to Kroger. I bought groceries for my family. I brought said groceries home to the family... BY MY SELF. No one had to drive me. I went when =I= was ready. I didn't have to wait for husband or J to finish what they were doing in World of Warcraft or for them to take a shower. I WENT ALONE.

I got to listen to the radio station =I= wanted in the car. (Ooops... I forgot to put it back on his station of choice. He's in a for a shock tomorrow morning heh) I USED MY BLINKERS. I flipped of the jackass that tried to steal my parking spot at the store. I WENT ALONE!

::does the Snoopy Dance of Happiness::


I know I've been posting a lot of stuff like this lately and I apologize for how superficial and dull they may seem to everyone, but, for me these are major life milestones. ::does Snoopy Dance again::


Anonymous said...

Not superficial at all! If I'd driven in DC I would be holding a press conference about it! Congrats!!!

yoonamaniac said...

I have to ask you, why haven't you done it before?

perpstu said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm a new reader and I've lost a significant amount of weight in the past. I know how incredible those milestones feel and I applaud you for it. You can do it!


Kirsten said...


I drove in Texas all of once, I think. Maybe twice, because I think I drove through Texarkana... but my first experience was Dallas, at 7am... HA HA HA HA HA.

Nuff said.

Greta said...


Mommy's Nintendo said...

Keep posting this stuff! We're celebrating with you!!

zdoodlebub said...

Don't apologize...those little moments, those victories (rings, driving, etc.) are amazing to hear about!

Love the Snoopy Dance of Happiness!