Monday, June 2, 2008

Doctor, Doctor... Gimme the News...

So, I'm back from the Dr. now. I got good news and bad news. The good news is that its not cancer or cancer related. WOOT!

The BAD news... is that its endometriosis. Anonymous commenter... you got it in one! The real kicker is some of the endometrial tissue is actually OUTSIDE my body. The knot on my c-section scar is indeed scar tissue. However, it is covered with endometrial tissue which is causing the knot to bleed. The endometrial tissue also has an infection. Lucky me. I'm now on a 10 day course of Bactrum. I have to have an ultrasound Thursday to have a look see at the internal endometriosis and then I have to go see a surgeon. Correcting this problem will take at least one surgery (removal of the knot and the endo tissue on and around it) and possibly a second one depending on what the ultrasound shows.

Surgery scares the crap outta me. It took me almost a year to fully heal my c-section. However, I like my odds a lot better with this than if it had been cancer.

BTW, friends, my Dr? Dr. Heid Nashed-Gurigris... is a goddess. I now have vicodin for the pelvic pain. Maybe I can function now when it acts up.

Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers. Knowing you guys were pulling for me and praying for me made a difference in my sanity. ::Gives big cyberhugs to everyone::


Greta said...

Yay! (Though boo on the endometriosis). Also not a doctor here, but when you said it was painful and cyclical I knew there was pretty much no way it was cancer. That said...I TOTALLY know how you feel.

zdoodlebub said...

Really glad you got some answers. Wishing you peaceful healing.

Platoxia said...

function on Vicodin...good luck with that :-P

Anonymous said...

Hi. I tried to reply to your comment at but they've been having website trouble lately.

HOW did they give you a diagnosis of endometriosis? From a biopsy of the scar tissue? As far as I know, and I've had endo, is that the only definitive way to diagnose this problem is through surgery. But then again, mine was internal. Endo can also grow in all kinds of places, too. The laparascopic surgery's not all that bad. I also had ovarian cysts, too.

The one thing I CAN tell you is that an ultrasound cannot see internal endo. Been there, done that. Coupla times.

~Suzy Q