Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guest Post-A-Palooza Day 7

Plurk Friends

Hi, I am Laura Iriarte and I am guest blogging for Tessa/NotAMeanGirl while she recovers from surgery. I met Tessa on plurk.com.

Plurk.com is a social networking site that consists of a timeline broken down to the minute. Members or plurkers post comments or questions in 140 characters. Similar to friendfeed.com, other members can comment or reply to someone else's plurk. In this way it is easy to have a conversation with one or more people.

Plurkers are friendly and warm, if I plurk simply, "hello", I will easily have 10 responses from other plurkers saying hello back. I love that! Even though I have many more twitter followers and some friends on twitter I adore, that doesn't happen on twitter. If I say hello on twitter, I will get one or two responses max, sometimes zero.

If I ask a question on twitter, it's debatable whether someone will answer it. I've gotten mixed results. But on Plurk, plurkers are out in full force to help each other. It's really nice. I really enjoy the friendly and fun plurk community. I've met some very nice people.

NotAMeanGirl is one of them. And when she put out a request for guest bloggers while she was recuperating, many of us raised our plurky hands to help her out. That's what plurkers do. If you are looking for and enjoyable way to pass some time, give plurk.com a try.

I'll see you there!

Note: My plurk name is lauralovesart, and well, of course, NotAMeanGirl's is NotAMeanGirl. I regularly blog at: http://lauralovesart.wordpress.com. Please come and visit!


Devyl Gyrl said...

YAY for Plurk and introducing me to both @LauraLovesArt and @NotAMeanGirl! WOOOT

lizard. dot lizard. said...

Plurk is the warmest, friendliest, bestest web thingy i've ever had the privilege to belong to -- and i belong to a LOT of them, so i should know! nice post!

Saynine said...

Plurk is an amazing network. And as implied here a truly "Social Network" I believe it may be the true "Heir to the Twitter Throne".

Great Guest Blog @LauraLovesArt.

Keep up the good Plurk