Monday, July 14, 2008


Today I go for my pre-op stuff. Chest X-ray... EKG... blood work...

Tomorrow night my folks will arrive.

Weds I have to report to the hospital at 6am.

Surgery will take place at 7:30am.

Mom will be staying a week to help out.

Husband will be off the following week.

Shecky is safely away in Abilene, TX with his Paternal Grandparents for a month.

Last night was a BAD night for pain. I was curled up in a ball crying for much of it. Thank GOD this is coming to a close soon... I hope.

I'm liable to be absent from the blog for several days, maybe a week or more. I'd like to have some guest bloggers come in and post. If anyone is interested, please lemme know.


Devyl Gyrl said...

I want to blog.

AND, I want to be able to get a phone number to call so I can update your friends/fans. I don't need to talk to you for the updates - anyone who answers can tell me what's going on, and I'll relay that information.

I love you.

yoonamaniac said...

Keeping my fingers crossed. You'll do great!