Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where I Tell It Like I See It.

There's a whole WORLD of E-Drama going on in the blogasphere. She said... She's mean... She's copying Susie... She hurt my feelings....

Lemme get out my big ole Cluebat (Copyright someone much more clever than I am...)

That shit is NOT what life is about. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

My family is in a bad spot financially. My health is crap... its getting better but its NOT good.

My best friend, Unca B... yeah... he has Kidney cancer. He was supposed to have surgery to remove it tomorrow. That's now on hold. His pre-op chest x-ray shows a spot on one of his ribs... they think they cancer may have metastasised to his bones.

Friends of our family lost their 18 year old grandson, who JUST graduated from High School, 2 days ago. He killed himself in a park at 3am with a shotgun.

A friend of mine on Plurk just found out her great-grandmother has lymphatic cancer. She's sharp as a tack and in good health otherwise... at the age of 93.

Folks, THESE are the problems we should be focusing on. THESE are the things that are important and deserve our thoughts, words and energy.

Pray for us all. We're in a hell of a mess when we don't realize what deserves our ire and what doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I know I feel like such an idiot being upset about some dumb persons email. Thanks, I needed a smack

Shen-Shen said...

True that. Drama sucks, sure, but get over it. There are real problems in the world.

yoonamaniac said...

Bravo, shipmate.
Sorry about all your troubles. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

My Room said...

Your post left me in tears. I was so feeling sorry for myself today.
I needed a reminder to live in the moment & be thankful for what I have. Thanks, Linda

justmylife said...

I had got the feeling we were all back in high school. I hope it is settling down some.

Sorry about all of your troubles, I know exactly how it problems, health problems, family with health problems, family problems, etc!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

sorenj said...

So true, it comforts me to no end when I find someone with a clear view of what is and is not important. It is even better when they spread that to those within their sphere.

So... thank you... tonight you made the world a slightly better place.

cajunvegan said...

Reality checked. Thanks for the reminder.

Kirsten said...

Y'know... AMEN sistah.

My life seems to have fallen apart at the seams today, but in all of it, I have my health, I have my job, and I'll probably keep my house...

I love our person in question to death... and she's been going through the dregs as well, which isn't always an excuse, but we're not in highschool anymore. Toughen your feelings up, realize that it's all about words on a damn webpage, and go on with your life. It's not worth all the dramz.

Greta said...

What what? I missed the drama. Probably a good thing. Good reality smack is always needed ;)

Devyl Gyrl said...

My thoughts, prayers, and love to you (although you know you're already there) regarding your health & your family's financial strain, your best friend's cancer and the possible spread, your family friends that lost their grandson to such an awful tragedy, and your friend who's grandmother was just diagnosed with cancer.

As always, I am here for you if you want or need to talk - you have my phone number, and can text, call, or yahoo me at any point via the cell. If you want to keep it to the net, just leave me an email or DM or PP.

Much love, many hugs, and tons and tons of kisses.

zdoodlebub said...

You are the second blog I've read about blog drama. I don't get it. I'm glad I'm not aware of it. And amen to everything you wrote. Thanks for the reminder of what's important. Even my 9-year-old counseled his brother through a timeout today, saying "it could always be worse."

lizard. dot lizard. said...

i do agree, but i'm not sure i entirely agree. certainly if we let these little flamewar eruptions really get to us, then we need some perspective, however... i've been blogging about 7 years and i've been in, around, and a spectator of many spectacular hissyfits. i just take them for what they are, which is cheap entertainment and most significantly, **a diversion**. if i stopped every time i indulged in something petty to remind myself of the overarching themes of life, death, loss, grief, strife, etc, i think i'd be far too serious.

i actually appreciate the distractions, and take them at face value, nothing more.

maybe these are shallow indulgences and i should be more focused on the larger issues. but i've had quite a few of those larger issues and it's actually a relief to me when there's drama that i can get all afluff about for just a little while, knowing that it is all sound and fury but in the end, signifies exactly nothing. am i bad to like this? i believe it's called schadenfreude? so yeah, i'm probably totally wrong about this.