Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guest Post-A-Palooza Day 8 - The Final Chapter

KDFrawg is a writer from Kansas and the proprietor or

People, Plurk, and Reality

People, as a rule, are great. I like to keep that in my mind at all times, because it can be easy to forget and I never want to let the thought go. Sometimes things happen that shake our faith in people, like the recent LillyAnn episode. No matter what the truth turns out to be, the incident will have made us question the efficacy of our fellow man. Questioning is all right; it makes us better. But losing faith is not right, because it makes us worse.

I have witnessed incidents similar to this one unfold on the Internet for over 25 years. People have seen things like this happen in the non-virtual world since humans made their way down from the trees, and perhaps before. Many of them start out as little white lies that get big and dark gray. Others begin life as black like deep midnight and go downhill from there. I don't care how the latest incident came about. It just doesn't matter.

What matters is that people care enough to be deceived once in a while. There is no shame in that. In our haste to help, sometimes we give too much and too soon. It is better to err on the side of humanity, as long as we do not lose anything really meaningful, like our love for our fellow human beings. We can lose a little money once in a while and recover from it. If you lost love and faith, you have lost it all.

Think instead about the people you care about, like NotAMeanGirl, and about the real problems they face, like surgery. We are sure that our friend will come back to us better, with fewer problems than before. Still, we can't help but worry because we are good people, and we care. Don't let the occasional bad person alienate you from all the great people. Stop spending negative energy thinking about scams, and start sending positive energy towards NotAMeanGirl for her quick recovery, and for a better life, problems solved.


lizard. dot lizard. said...

amen! i've seen people soured by the recent events, and i worry. the whole message is no to stop helping, just to be cautious.

great post!

Devyl Gyrl said...

What a wonderful post! A great way to sum up the week, too.

Kudos, dear KDFrawg ... and NotAMeaGirl knows how much I love her already, but: I LOVE YOU GIRL! Feel better VERY soon. xoxo