Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tell Me Lies... Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

So... Surgery is in one week.... from today.

My child leaves for Abilene to spend time with Husband's side of the family Saturday.

I'm having random crying jags and freaking out of stuff that isn't important...

Yeah... I'm stressing over the surgery.

People keep asking if I'm OK with it and I keep saying, "Yeah! I'm not worried about the SURGERY! It's the recovery I'm dreading! Let's hope it goes better than last time!"


Yeah... I'm scared of the surgery. It's freaking my ass out. My friends, I'm a control freak... this surgery? Yeah, I have NO control over how it goes. I'll be unconscious. Helpless. Ummm... ok... I'm gonna think about something else now... I can feel the panic attack bubbling up again....

Cute Shecky Moment:

He got the Iron Man video game for the PS2. Throughout the game Pepper gives you directions when you aren't achieving the goals quickly enough... I heard THIS the other night:

"Yes, I KNOW Pepper! SHUT. IT!"

I about pee'd myself.


perpstu said...

Oh! I know exactly how you feel. I put on a very brave front when people ask me, but when they wheel me into that cold, sterile room there are tears running down my cheeks.

I just put a note on my calendar to send you good vibes next week. You'll be fine. We'll all be right there with you holding your hand plurkstyle!

greytfriend said...

Your recovery will be much better this time because your surgeon will do his/her job correctly this time. And you will finally feel better!

justmylife said...

Good luck with the surgery and the recovery. I will be waiting to hear about it on Plurk or here!

Devyl Gyrl said...

I love you, all your control issues included. And, you are going to be GREAT because this doc knows what a mess was made the first time and is going to prove to the first doc that he's a better doc. So, no worries ok?

Love you :)

yoonamaniac said...

You'll be alright because there are many friends who will be sending you good vibes and thoughts and praying for you during the operation and recovery.

Shen-Shen said...

Good luck with the surgery and recovery :D

And haha at telling Pepper to shut up! :P

Greta/Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? said...

{hugs} You're going to be just fine. Otherwise I will come over there and smack someone if you want ;)

Anonymous said...

best of luck on your surgery sis. my prayers are with you.'ve been tagged by me!