Monday, July 7, 2008

Job Referral

I just applied for a job on Plurk.... Here's what I sent them...

"Hi there!
I saw some friends Plurking about your posting for a Plurkanista Position with your wonderful company. I'd love to put my name in the hat. I'm a very social person. I get along with just about anyone. I'm friendly, helpful and love particiapting in conversations on any number of subjects. I'm not entirely sure what the position entails or what type of credentials you are looking for, but, if you'll give me some more information I'll give you as much as you can handle! I even have Plurk Pals willing to give me recommendations. :)
Thank you for your consideration.

Tessa Lemmons aka NotAMeanGirl"

I have no clue if it'll do any good but... I had to try!!!!!


yoonamaniac said...

Good luck!

thehawke said...

I'd recommend you in a heartbeat.