Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Calling ALL Lurkers!

Today is The Great MOFO Delurk! The Blogaverse is asking all our lurkers and regular commenters to talk to us! (So we know we're not talking to ourselves... but... ummmmm... I kinda do that ANYWAY... but... *cough* Yeah...)

Please let us know you're out there. ALL of you... talk ... to... ALL... Of.. US! WOOT!

Just so you don't feel like a doof with nothing to say, here's a question for ya.

"What is your dream job and why?"

My dream job is to be a professional singer. When I sing for other people its the ONE TIME I feel like I "belong" ... yanno?


Cathy said...

I'm here. :-)

zdoodlebub said...

I'm not delurking because I'm an obnoxiously regular commenter. Because I wuv you.

Kelly said...

This whole de-lurking day is messing with me because I can't remember who's blog I've commented on or haven't. So hello maybe for the first time, and maybe not.:0

dawn224 said...

Delurking for today! Hello!

Katie said...

My dream be a writer or editor for a fashion magazine.