Friday, October 19, 2007

"Catch As Catch Can" or "Sleep Deprivation Makes Me Cry"

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday folks. Shecky, my darling, adorable, loving, light of my life, woke my butt up at 4:30 AM yesterday... by making his bed. WTF?

He was WIDE awake and ready to rock! I was ready for more sleep. I tried to get him to lay back down but... yeah... that wasn't happening. We got up, got him ready for school, goofed off a bit and I tried desperately to cat nap between sentences. Yeah... THAT wasn't happening either! I would have gladly knocked his lil butt out! (When my Nanny heard about his antics she suggested a nightly dose of Tylenol to do just that lol... She was only kidding.. RIGHT?)

The rest of the day was, basically, a sleep deprived blur. We went to town and spent the morning shopping at The Big Evil Wally-World. I got one of Shecky's Christmas presents. Its a YOOGE Black Pearl Toy Ship. He's STILL obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and he was drooling over it at his last trip through the toy aisle. Its not hiding in the trailer.

I also spent a crap ton of money on Halloween Themed Candy to make goody bags out of. A week from Saturday we're having a HUGE Halloween Celebration for the kids. We're doing a "Haunted Woods" ride. The adults are going to create a haunted trail that the kids will be taken through on a hay ride. We're going to have Trick-or-Treating (hence the goody bags) and we're going to have a Halloween Carnival. The carnival should be a blast for the kids. We'll have everything from bobbing for apples to a cake walk to face painting to any number of other things. I'll be spending next Friday baking and decorating 4 cakes for the cake walk. Mom and I will be running it so I figured, yanno, I MIGHT should make some cakes for it. Mom and I will both be in costumes and if I can figure out how to get more than one picture on my blog at a time I'll put some of em up here. :)

But, I digress. After shopping we came back here, unloaded and unpacked all the stuff we'd bought and then kinda just... well... we were much like slugs that have scuttled through a pile of salt. Heh. We just kinda sat around and did not much till it was time to go get Shecky from School.

I helped him study and do homework. We had dinner. Shecky and I snuggled up in my bed and watched Survivor (STOOPID STOOPID PG AND WHATS HER FACE THROWING TEH CHALLENGE!!!) and CSI:The Original (GRISSOM AND SARAH... ENGAGED!!! FISH WITH BOTH MALE AND FEMALE SEX ORGANS!!! CORY'S DAD FROM BOY MEETS WORLD!!!). Shecky went to bed, I read a while then passed. the. hell. OUT!

It wasn't a terribly BUSY day but the lack of sleep had me kinda... disoriented. (Yeah I know... not really all THAT different than usual but it DID make it worse.)

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