Wednesday, October 10, 2007

They Are TRYING To Kill Me...

It's the ONLY viable explanation. They, refers to my Doctor's Office and my Insurance Company.

Let me explain... I am in the midst of going from using my local pharmacy to using a mail order pharmacy. I'm doing this for two reasons. First and foremost... the local pharmacy here is staffed by idiots. During the almost 4 months I've been here they have not ONCE filled or refilled my prescriptions without making NUMEROUS mistakes. Jack-Holes... sigh. I've them do everything from telling me my insurance says I have no coverage (Which, um... NO! Hello, when I called the insurance company they said they paid claims for all the meds I tried to fill that day.. ) to trying to fill medications I didn't ask for. HATE THEM. Second, my insurance company has decided that all maintenance drugs have to be handled through mail order.

So, during this little saga of switching over I've had a few... problems. First, the mail order pharmacy claims they never got the fax of my meds from my Doctors Office. The Doctors office SWEARS they faxed it. They finally re-sent it ... 2 weeks later. THEN, the Doctors Office has the wrong strength on one of my medications. They put 50 mg... it should have been 500 mg. That particular drug doesn't even COME in 50 mg... Anyway, the pharmacy had to wait for new orders from the Doctors Office confirming the correct dosage. That took another week. So.. yeah. I'm RAPIDLY running out of ALL my meds. I've purchased most of them locally for the last time. (You can do it twice per drug and have the insurance pay for it. After that you have to pay full price for it.) Unfortunately, one of my meds, the one that keeps me from being in EXCRUCIATING pain due to ... ummm... "elimination issues"... was filled twice already, due to a change in direction. I ran out... completely. I've been out for 2 days. Last night I did not sleep because of the pain I was in. I've called the Doctors Office 3 times now, including this morning, to get them to call in a script to the local pharmacy so I can PAY CASH for the med. They FINALLY called it in this afternoon. ::does a little jig::

Unfortunately, that caused other issues. Shecky gets out of school at 3:30pm. We were in town... 30 min away. I called the pharmacy at 2:30 pm to see if my meds were ready. The LOVELY young lady *cough* who was so PLEASANT *cough* and HELPFUL *choke* told me it would be another 30 minutes before the medication would be ready. We figured we could make it to the school JUST in time to pick up Shecky from school. We would have been right... IF it had taken only 30 minutes. It ended up taking over an hour. Shecky FINALLY got picked up from school at 4:00 pm after my father borrowed a friends truck to go get him. We got home the same time they did....


Anyone else have days like this?

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zdoodlebub said...

I consider myself a fairly positive person in many other areas - the usual stress inducing facets of life, I try to just let roll off. Traffic, lines at the store, bad customer service. Let it go.

But. Nothing. Infuriates. Me. More. Than. Dealing. With. The. Business. Side. Of. The. Medical. Community.


Sorry for your frustrations.