Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Second Verse...

... same as the first.

Sorry I've been such an absent Bloggy Mama lately. I just really haven't had much to say.

I lost 1.3 lbs last week. I'm down a total of 68 lbs. I should be stoked but I'm feeling very... meh. I don't know if its a bout of depression or I'm getting sick or what.

I had a decent couple of days Sunday and Monday. J came to visit and we goofed off together. We watched a movie. (We interrupt this post to bring you a mini-review of "Knocked Up". OMFG it cracked my ass up! SO FUNNY!) We also played lots of Culdacept Saga on the 360. I'm addicted to this game. It's like the bastard love child of Monopoly and the Magic the Gathering card game. It's. My. Crack.

American Idol tonight was interesting. I really like David Archuletta and Jason Castro. They both have really good voices... yet... they're completely different. Archuletta is like a giant overly friendly puppy dog and I just wanna take him home and smoosh him! Castro... I dunno what it is about him. His EYES just... entrance me. His voice makes me pay attention. I really, REALLY hate these themes for the semi-finals though. IF YER GONNA LIMIT THEIR SONG CHOICES TO A THEME... AND THEN LIMIT THE THEME TO 50 SPECIFIC SONG DO NOT DING THE CONTESTANTS FOR SONG CHOICE YOU STUPID, STUPID BASTARDS.

That is all... *cough*


Lizarita said...

Jason Castro is MINE!!!!

flutter said...

I am SO proud of you.

liv said...

just keep going. you're doing it. really.