Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I Learned Today

* When the room temp. is 75 and the water temp. is 90... DO NOT EXPECT TO BE WARM AS YOU EXERCISE IN THE FRICKIN' POOL... It's not gonna happen...

* Parents of children who play sports are often NOT very nice to the referee's

* Above mentioned referee's are INSANE and Saintly for dealing with the above mentioned parents.

* I know virtually nothing about my friends in the Blogging Community
( :P Lizarita!)

* Once I get cold like I did in the above mentioned pool... I cannot warm up.. EVER... apparently.. its like... a law or something

* I love being involved with my son's basketball league... cause I'm really getting to know the parents and kids he goes to school with

* 7 year olds can have testicular cancer... How scary is THAT shit?

* There IS such a thing as sugar free, fat free, calorie free chocolate... and it's not too shabby at all.

* It's also ummm... not NATURAL either.

* I wanna party with some of my Blogger Buddies but I'm too scared to even CONSIDER going to Blogher


liv said...

I was once intimidated by BlogHer (maybe still am a little), but I say do a local meet up first. And if you really want to know more of them, start up some conversations, comment often and expand your blogroll. Over time it gets easier!

Lizarita said...

Sister. BlogHer was and if I could afford it this year, I would SO go again. But it's SO FAR AWAY and SO EXPENSIVE that I just can't! BUT! If you can? DO IT! You will NOT regret it. You will meet so many awesome people and learn so many cool things. And they will LOVE your Southern accent! xo

Carmen said...

Go to Blogher - and I can meet you!