Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hi Hi! It's Me Again... Finally.

Sorry about my absence the last few days. Things here have been strained. I've become increasingly annoyed with my father and the way he conducts himself lately. Yesterday we had a huge blow up and now he's not speaking to Mom nor myself. Oh... the joys of being an adult child living with one's parents. ::gags..repeatedly::

Yeah.. I know... Bye-bye Blog365 :(

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's going to be a bit of a mixed bag for me. I won't be alone yet... I will. My masculine half won't be around so I'm, on one hand, very meh about the impending Day Of Love. On the other hand, I'll be partying with approximately 30 7 and 8 year olds in the afternoon. :) THAT I can't WAIT for. I'm gonna DIE from "A-Cute Overload". Yes... it is TOO a real diagnosis... Bite Me. heh.

I did get Husband and J and Shecky and my folks some cute stuff for VD though. Husband is getting 2 dozen gourmet brownies. J is getting 4 gourmet caramel apples. Shecky is getting a heart shaped box fulla candy. My parents are getting a Valentine decorated box of candies from the 1950's. HOPEFULLY that doesn't mean they were MADE in the 1950's. Hah!

Everyone, except my folks, are also getting a game. Husband and J got an XBOX360 game (I got myself a copy as well so we can all play online together). Shecky is getting High School Musical Sing It! for the PS2. Heh. Everyone should be quite happy with their loot.

I hope you all have a wonderful, romance filled Valentine's day.


liv said...

so when you said "romance filled" i am just going to assume that you were counting on me having my fingers in my ears?

~*L*~ said...

Big love to you!!!

I'll be spending 10 hrs surrounded by cookies and cookie cakes....sigh, remind me NEVER to give those up for lent again ;0

luvs ya!

flutter said...

well hi!

Lisa said...

I need to get to know you better. You give out some super awesome Valentine's Day presents. heehee.

I hope it turned out to be a great day for you. And hope you and your dad were able to work things out...