Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution...

Heh not really. More like wrapping up the weekend. Husband came in Friday and finally got to see one of Shecky's basketball games. They lost again but at least he got to see him on the court.

There was one kid that was left up there by his parents for the entire day. Just dropped off... for the day... with no money or supervision. I was appalled. I bought the kiddo lunch and gave him a $5.00 bill before I left in case he needed anything else during the day. I was not ABOUT to leave that kid stranded with no money for the entire day while my family and I traipsed about town, having lunch and buying DVD's. I was angry but I felt SOMEONE needed to watch out for the child.

Weigh in was this morning. I lost 6 lbs this past week. WOOT. 395 is the new weight. I LOVE CORE PLAN! I just eat so much better on it rather than on points.

Sorry for all the rambling. Nite Nite.


flutter said...

so proud of you!!

zdoodlebub said...

The disconnection from what some parents really need...makes me so sad. Think of what a terrible mental or emotional place those parents must be in to think that is OK? On the surface they might look careless or thoughtless, but I guarantee there is more going on there. Sad.

Good for you for helping him. He'll remember your kindness for a long time, I bet.