Friday, February 29, 2008

I Hang My Head In Shame...

Damn it. I LOST.MY.SHIT. with Shecky this morning. This single parenting thing is taking its toll on me, my patience and my child.

I cannot STAND whining. It's like ... well... it bypasses my eardrums and heads straight for my central nervous system, setting my teeth on edge and making me want to scream in agony.

Shecky, God love him, has a fit throwing, eardrum passing whine habit. This morning's episode was a toot! He has recently learned how to tie his own shoes. However, he doesn't like having to do it himself. He has a "hoop issue". Anyway, this morning he decided someone else was going to tie his shoes and commenced to throwing the whiniest, brattiest hissy fit in history. He tantrumed his ass off... and I lost it. I yelled, I grounded, I cajoled , I tore my hair out. His fit lasted 30 minutes. My father was yelling at him, taunting him, calling him a baby, which, yeah... SO not helping.

I truely am at my wits end with it. I don't know how to effectively circumvent these fits of his. I can't figure out how to redirect the whining into something more positive. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience to deal with them either.

Now, I realize he was tired. He went to bed an hour and a half late. (Basketball game, they lost. Season OVER for him.) He got up a half an hour early as well. (Don't ask. I swear the later he goes to bed the earlier he rises. YOU figure it out. God knows I've tried and failed more times than I can count.) I'm sick so my tolerance and patience levels are lower than normal. I, logically, know that all of that figures in. I feel like crap for my part in our morning tantrum from Hell. A large part of me wants to let him off the hook and rescind the grounding edict. (Partially out of self defence. WTF was I THINKING? I grounded him from TV and Video Games... for a week... dumb ass move Mom. However, I realize if I let him off his grounding, I'm doing the wrong thing.

Help. Me.


flutter said...

I don't think you need to beat yourself up.

If he behaves for a couple of days, spring him for good behavior

zdoodlebub said...

Agree with flutter. And cut yourself some slack. And tell your dad...well, I'll shut up. And he should too. ;)

The sleep thing and the whining thing..he could be growing, too. He could be on the precipice of a huge developmental spurt and he's all uncomfortable and out of balance.