Saturday, February 2, 2008


yeah... that basically covers my mood.

I'm CONVINCED that I'm not going to loose tomorrow at WI. I've been exercising daily. I've been following the plan. However, we upped my daily points to 35 because of the hour or more of exercise in the water.

I don't feel it folks. You know how you can just TELL you're not loosing. YOU KNOW... YOU KNOW its just. not. working. Yeah. I'm there.

My frustration level is like... ::points to the moon:: THAT HIGH right now. I didn't even wanna eat dinner tonight. Mom finally forced the issue and I had 2 eggs on toast and a toasted cheese sandwich... for which I got yelled at about the amount of bread...

Yeah... everything is on my nerves. I SHOULD have had a visit from good ole' Aunt Flow like... Monday... but she's not shown up yet. I know I prolly have PMS and that's why my temper is on such a short fuse but ... I don't even like MYSELF right now.

And NOW? NOW!!! NOW I wanna eat like... EVERYTHING. I tend to do that. I'll not want to eat when I'm toward the end of PMS and when I finally DO eat... ZOMG I don't wanna stop. So, now I'm fighting that urge.

I'd just go to bed and sleep it off but... errrmmmm... its only 8:12pm... way too early.


***Please excuse this rant. I HAD to get it out or I was going to strangle someone in this house and... honestly... I REALLY dun wanna go to jail.

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